Podcast Episode 2: Election Reaction & Some Playful Banter

Peasants & Emperors is a podcast presenting topics related to democracy, science, culture, women’s issues, current events and critical thinking. A new podcast is produced and available for listening/download approximately every two weeks.

In episode two, join the cast as they discuss the Canadian election results while introducing the audience to some new segments like the quote of the day and the hypothetical game.

Episode 2: Election Reaction & Some Playful Banter

Click on the hyperlink above to download and listen to the podcast. Feel free to leave a comment or question in the comments section below. One of the cast members will respond.

Thanks in advance for listening and check back regularly for updates to the site and podcast.

Episode Corrections & Clarifications 
1. During this podcast Rick in passing mentioned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau planned on spending only ten billion dollars on infrastructure. To clarify the Liberals plan on running $10 billion dollar deficits for the first two fiscal years and another deficit before balancing the budget in 2019.

2. The possibility the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) may have influenced Elections Canada was implied during the show. In principle this is unlikely since Elections Canada operates entirely independent of the PMO (or the government) reporting directly to the House of Commons, i.e. Parliament appoints the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada who in turn ensures the Canada Elections Act is enforced. The PMO has zero capacity to directly influence this agency whatsoever during an election. The missing ballots situation was not some strategic move by the government to thwart the First Nations’ vote. On the contrary, it is just a simple example of clerical oversight which is inevitable given the complexities of running a national election.

3. Jess observed people making $200,000 a year would be exempt from Prime Minister’s taxation reform. Just to clarify the Liberal plan proposes to cut taxes for people earning between 44 and 89 thousand a year; however, those making over $200,000 a year will be taxed at a new, higher rate of 33 per cent. This would apply to less than one per cent of the public.

4. During the election Doug Ford was publicly critical of Justin Trudeau’s position on making marijuana legal in Canada. In the podcast, Jess observed Doug Ford was perhaps being disingenuous because of Rob Ford’s (Doug’s brother) public troubles with drug addiction. This observation was, albeit inadvertent, an example of a soft ad hominem attack (or an “attack the person”) against Doug Ford. If we are intellectually honest, we should attack the idea and not the man espousing the idea; that being, the credibility of Doug’s criticism of Trudeau’s policy to legalize marijuana does not depend upon either Doug’s good character or his brother’s drug use. Instead, the validity of Doug’s position must be considered and weighed on its own completely independent from any consideration of the speaker’s personal circumstances.

5. The cast wasn’t entirely sure on the exact number of people who voted in the election. A total of 17,546,697 people voted out of the approximately 26,000,000 eligible voters.

6. During the committee stage in the law making process members of any party can and do sit on the various committees; moreover, although it does not happen too often there is nothing legally stopping Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from appointing the Green Party’s Elizabeth May to a cabinet position.

7. Rick observed “pump priming” or “Keynesian economic policy” doesn’t work in the long-term. For a detailed and technical explanation as to why this is the case please see http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/06/business/06view.html?_r=0.

8. Lea described Cleopatra as “BA”; this means badass. Also, she would like to apologise for her horrible pronunciation of auf wiedersehen.

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