Episode 10: Talking Trump & Mental Illness

Peasants & Emperors is a podcast presenting topics related to democracy, science, culture, women’s issues, current events and critical thinking. A new podcast is produced and available for listening/download approximately every two weeks.

In episode ten, the Hooligans discuss the Trump phenomenon in the United States and use the segue as an opportunity to talk about mental illness.

Episode 10: Talking Trump & Mental Illness

Click on the hyperlink above to download and listen to the podcast. Feel free to leave a comment or question in the comments section below. One of the cast members will respond.

Thanks in advance for listening and check back regularly for updates to the site and podcast.

Notes & Clarifications
1). During the podcast Rick wasn’t sure if it was Atlanta, Georgia which privatized fire and police protection. He did some digging and it was in fact Atlanta. If you follow this link (http://isil.org/the-town-that-privatized-everything/) you can gain an appreciation for the extent of market fundamentalism’s influence on the American psyche. If you are interested in reading a critique of this particular social experiment please see Naomi Klein’s book Disaster Capitalism.


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