Storms & Deer Antlers

So as I removed a deer skull with antlers from my garden last night (don’t ask) I looked at the grey sky in all it’s wonderful meteorological potential and said to myself how fantastic it’d be to finally have a lightning storm to sleep to. Lo and behind I was rewarded but found it exceedingly difficult to sleep because I was so busy listening to the rumbling of thunder and cascading echoes of the rain as light filtered through the window in to my room.

I finally got to sleep and dreamt of renovating my excessively opulent villa which was constructed at the foot of Dracula’s castle (which looked like a black version of Mjnas Tirith). My AC, which I bought through Sears, busted at my villa. So I decided to get in a monster truck (I assume it was mine) and began driving around; some pedestrian stood in my way so I veered at him; then another other driver chased me because of what I did. What followed was an epic monster truck chase around a modern city ending with me casually exiting my truck to watch my sons play soccer. When they were done I took them to their track meet.Who says one needs chemical enhancement of reality to broaden one’s perspective: all you need are deer antlers and a storm.



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