Funny What You Can Learn from a Cricket

The following is a Facebook memory from a year ago today; it was also amlost a year ago myself and three friends established this blog and its associated podcast.

It’s funny what you can learn from a cricket. I was taking a short walk to cool down from a workout when I heard this cricket chirping away from some unseen crevice; it was calling for a mate and, in a sense, was saying ‘I am, I am, I am.’

It occurred to me people aren’t so terribly different than such creatures: we might travel to the far reaches of space and create great works of art, but when it comes down to it what is most meaningful are just chirps: every touch, every kiss, every bump, bruise, recovery, success, set back, laugh and experience we edify ourselves by saying, ‘I am, I am, you are, you are.’

After four years dealing with depression I have finally emerged on the other side–aware of the ever present risk of recidivism–but I have recovered my love, or rather my desire, for life.

Music is beautiful and transformative again; I laugh for no specific reason and if I am tearful it is because I have listened to a beautiful piece of music or I have read something which has stirred me to the soul; I have a renewed desire to write; and I am able, finally, to let some things go (while holding on to the things worth holding on to like tiny hugs and I-love-yous from Andy, witty ripostes and absurd observations from Alec, and conversations with my oldest son Aaron whose artistic abilities and thoughtfulness make me feel proud and privileged as a dad at one and the same time).

And then there’s Camille whose wisdom and magnanimity never cease to amaze me. She married well beneath her station.

You can learn a lot from a cricket.


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