Quotables #4: Art, Rick, Rick, Art

“If you want the world to become a better world listen to the artists, not the politicians”–Me

The intent behind what I am saying is it is when I encounter meaning in film, books, photographs, paintings or sculptures, I am reminded of what it is I am trying to work for in all that I do–to promote a world of beauty and where people desire to pursue truth for its own sake and to do good. Politics at face value prevents this because it is by nature competitive; art is contemplative and like comedy (specifically satire) art can reveal our inner selves to ourselves, eg. Whenever I write I reveal to myself what it is I actually think and believe.

I think if you read more in the history of the sciences the connection I am making would be more obvious: the creative impulse where a sculptor sees an image in marble before they sculpt, a painter reveals an image on the canvas, or a musician stumbles upon or feels a movement, etc. that creative impulse is identical to the one felt by an Einstein who looks at a clock and conceives of a new vision for physics, a Descartes who intuits the importance of backing up observation with mathematics or a Godel using mathematics to construct a model where time travel is indeed possible.

Google the etymology of the word ‘art’ and it presses the point home further.


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