Think/Exploit Different

Before you buy your next pair of running shoes, consider the following: the Chinese worker who made your shoes for you (Nike, Adidas, etc.) makes on average $210.27 USD a month. A pair of Nike shoes in China costs $235.00. Their entire monthly wage is not enough to buy one pair of shoes. Their low wages are made possible by globalization, i.e. you and I want cheap/quality goods so corporations move out of North America to set up shop in countries with little to no labor or environmental standards in order to maximize profits.

I recall reading something the so-called ‘forward thinking’ Steve Jobs observed about the whole process, “People don’t care where their iPods come from; they want cheap affordable electronics.”

Google “apple suicide nets China” and you’ll get an appreciation for how well Apple has treated its Chinese employees (who are one step removed from being chattel slaves). Our consumer habits in NA profoundly shape the way workers are treated in China, i.e. when we purchase a Nike or Adidas or Apple product we don’t think we’re contributing to the exploitation and oppression of millions of people…but we are.

Have a wonderful day shopping…


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