Nowhere to Hide

There is some concern about Facebook’s new app apparently. They are well founded. However these privacy violating practices have been in place for several years already.

The National Security Agency (NSA) forced Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft to share server info with them a long time ago. This means:

Facebook: all your chats have already been logged, all notes, pictures, private things harvested by the NSA. My writing this message has been sent to the NSA in real time through Facebook’s re-routing of information. 
Google: NSA has a record of all your websites visited, chats, gmails, google documents. The Canadian equivalent of the NSA is CSEC and they share info and tech with one another. Canada belongs to the so called Five Eyes alliance. We spy on our citizens too.

Yahoo!: email and sites visited.

Microsoft: emails stored, MS Outlook literally has a plugin for the NSA. MS put this in at the NSAs request. You get a copy of your email and the NSA is cc’d. Hotmail completely unsecure.

Apple, Verizon. ATT, etc. are all complicit as well. The NSA can turn your phone in to a listening device already and has been able to do so for years. They can make your camera work too (laptops, pads, phones). In fact your phone can be used as a listening device EVEN with the power OFF. The only way to prevent this is to literally remove the battery.

How do I know all of this? The mainstream media? No. Edward Snowden. CIA/NSA whistle blower. He worked with several journalists to expose the surveillance state created by the American Government. He thought what the NSA is doing was undemocratic and illegal. Yeah think?

Read Glenn Greenwald’s Nowhere to Hide to find out everything. There is no privacy online. NONE.


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