Technology is Perplexing

Perplexing. Technology shrinks the globe and enables “democratic” movements like the Arab Spring. But does it also shrink the world and enable governments or oligarchies to control the denizens of the globe that much easier…?

A Question of Time

If I lived in 2019 BCE, I would’ve regarded myself as a “modern” (inhabiting a smarter, better world) while simultaneously looking down on those poor primitives coming before me not knowing any better. (Sort of like we do today).

A thought like this helps perhaps explain why pseudoscience, e.g. belief in a flat earth for instance, etc. continues to shape thinking today: the chronological present never quite escapes the intellectual past. I don’t live now but in the future’s poor past.

I’ve literally met people who entertain 8000 year old ideas as though these notions are “current”.