Peasants & Emperors is a podcast presenting topics related to democracy, science, culture, women’s issues, current events and critical thinking. A new podcast is produced and available for listening/download approximately every two weeks.

Meet the Cast

Alaine is a 24 year old aspiring entrepreneur with roots in farming. Alaine’s passion in politics was nurtured at a young age, as her mother worked many years for a prestigious MLA. Daycare days were substituted for fun filled adventures at the campaign office. Now she enjoys home ownership with her significant other and her two amazing sons. Although life feels complete, she needs a place to channel her interests in the world around her. She has a genuine desire to stir awareness in other people through thoroughly researched information. Opinions and humour are part of the package, there’s no stifling her inner charm, and there’s nothing she’d love more than to publicly discuss topics on science, politics, agriculture, health, global events and more! Here’s to an exciting new chapter of personal growth!

Lea is a 25 year old freethinking homeschooling mum of two. She survived childhood, religious boarding schools, and the Harper Government. She enjoys reading, writing, being in nature, and spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys fulfilling her need for speed and smackdowns by playing with her local roller derby league. Her interests include but are not limited to sociology, green technology, natural building techniques, rural/urban homesteading, radical sustainability, and keeping the government accountable to the people. She’s lived in a tinyhouse that her partner built himself, and they also have plans to build an Earthship and live off grid in the future. She is passionate about epic fantasy series’ and leaving the world a better place for future generations.

Jessica is 26 years old, and works in Canadian media. She has a bachelor’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Saskatchewan, and is a self-identified feminist and Prairie Woman. She likes art, geeky things, cooking, playing games, being outside, and she loves her family and friends deeply. Her greatest passion is conversation. Wanna talk? She’s down–even if you don’t always agree with her.

Rick earned his BA in history (with a declared double minor in English and Religious Studies) in 1995 while completing his second degree, a Bachelor of Education to teach at the secondary level, in 1998. He is currently teaching senior level history, law and English at a private school in Saskatchewan. In 2014, Rick completed training in Houston (Texas) to teach History (HL) and the Theory of Knowledge at the International Baccalaureate level. He has worked in education for over 15 years.

In 2008, Rick was named a top ten national finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Teaching Canadian History. Following that success he served as a consultant to the CBC in 2009 in the development of an interactive World War I based website. In 2012, Rick’s senior-level history class won a Western Canada wide award for their submission of a collection of original historical fiction to the Canada’s History for Kids War of 1812 Competition. He is taking a break from writing his book to contribute articles and podcasts to the Peasants & Emperors project. He is married and is raising three amazing sons (and owns an anti-social cat).